Alexa Page Rank

Posted by admin on February 11, 2013

In the web community, there has often been talk of 'Alexa' and how having a good Alexa Ranking is important. This blog post is the results of my own investigation into Alexa...

What is Alexa?

To cut right to it: Alexa provides information about websites.

Alexa ( is a website that provides data and statisitcs about visitors to websites...HOWEVER...before to rush off to emmerse yourself in all things Alexa, there's a few things you should know.

The main thing you need to understand about Alexa, is the information and data it provides will be interesting, it's important to understand that the data is only gathered from people who have the Alexa Toolbar installed in their you have the Alexa Toolbar installed in your Browser? Before reading this, were you aware that an Alexa Browser Toolbar even existed?? The next question would then be, who does have the Alexa Toolbar installed in their browser?

The answer is that it's probably internet professionals and internet marketeers that have it installed, and it is from those people that the Alexa Page Rank is based. At this point, I would be leaning towards ensuring that I have an analytics reporting system installed on my website that gives me accurate data specifically about visitors to my website.

That said, the Alexa Toolbar collects browsing behavior information and automatically transmits the data to site where it is used to provide useful information within the Alexa reports.

Alexa's History

Alexa was founded in 1996 and offered a browser toolbar to internet users to install which provided features such as site suggestions whilst gathering data from website visited; data including how many pages a website had, how frequently a website was updated and how many other websites linked to it. All of this data was sent to and stored by to provide useful data for...anyone interested in this type of data (internet marketers, advertisers etc). Alexa was acquired by Amazon in 1999, reportedly for $250,000,000 of stock.

So what is Alexa Page Rank?

Alexa Page Rank is calculated based on how many people with the Alexa Toolbar installed have visited any given website. Alexa Rank can be an inludencing factor if you are trying to people to advertise on your website, but personally I'd prefer to use Anlytics data that shows how many unique visitors my, or my clients websites attract, the pages that are visited and how long people stay on the websites. If at this point you 'want a piece of the Alexa action', there's a few things you need to know and do...

How to achieve good Alexa Page Rank

Firstly, go to and create an account - this will give you access to the Alexa reports. Then start requesting reviews of your website on Alexa. You can also install one of the Alexa Widgets on your website that will show off your data (if you want to?).

Then, you need to optimise your website - use well written copy, and ethical techniques to incorporate your targeted keywords. Thereafter, create useful, helpful content that is worth returning to your website for. Use Blogs, add forums or anything else you feel relevant to your website that will attract and re-attract visitors to your website.

Lastly, build backlinks to your website - it's not only Alexa who love finding a link from another high ranking website back to yours, Google does too!

So, does Alexa Page Rank Matter?

To some, yes it most certainly does and for those of you who can see your competitors in the upper echilons of the Alexa Website Ranking, take the points above and get started now.

Does Alexa Page Rank and Alexa Data mean more than site specific Analytics? In my humble opinion, not really, no.