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About the Essex Web Designer

Hello - thank you for visiting the Essex Web Designer website...

If you need a new website & don't know where to start, I'm here to help you & can provide you with a 'one stop shop' for your website & online marketing. My Blog contains information designed to help others understand the processes I use as an Essex Web Designer when creating an effective website & you're very welcome to read it & use the information for your projects.

If you have an existing website, I can help you to get the most out of it.

My objective for my clients is to design & build effective websites that become 24/7 sales reperesentatives, generating quality leads & enquiries for my clients.
Here's how I do this:

  • By finding the keywords & keyphrases that people are searching for relevant to your products, services or topic
  • By helping you find & own a strong domain name
  • By working with you to create great content that incorporates keywords you decide to target based on the results of the keyword research
  • By using ethical search engine optimsation (SEO) techniques throughout your website & by creating landing pages optimsed for specific keyphrases
  • By ensuring that your website can easily be crawled & indexed by the search engines & by letting the major four search engines know about your website (please see my 'How to submit a website to search engines' blog for details of how I do this)
  • I provide reliable UK based hosting of websites & emails
  • I can provide you with an Email Marketing system with detailed campaign reporting
  • I can teach you how to create an online marketing strategy incorporating social media
Whilst I can do all of the above for you, I prefer to help & guide you through the stages so that by the time your website goes live for all the world to see, you understand your website, how & why it got to where it has & how to grow it, update it & maintain it.

The Essex Web Designer's background

The Essex Web Designer has worked in the design industry since leaving school 1987 when he started his career in a typesetters in Clerkenwell, London working as the Junior alongside commercial artists, proof readers and typesetters. One of the main clients at the time was Commercial union. During this time, the Essex Web Designer worked on the first version of the Macintosh 'Desk Top Publishing' computer which ignited his passion for technology.

Following a year of commuting & the hussle and bustle of London, the Essex Web Designer went to work for Essex County Council in their print department where he learned about the printing process & platemaking whilst submitting design ideas & illustrations for advertising promotions throughout Essex.

From there, the Essex Web Designer worked as a 'Desk Top Publisher' within a print franchise in Chelmsford in Essex (by this time the Macintosh Computers had been embraced & graphic designers were suddenly seen as 'Desk Top Publishers' due to Macintosh enabling one person to do what was previously four or five peoples roles in the creation of a printed brochure).

Then came a career move that was to shape the future for the Essex Web Designer. Aged 19, the Essex Web Designer successfully applied for a job in Brentwood, Essex for a large food ingredients manufacturer called Allied Mills Ltd (now ADM). His job title was 'Marketing Assistant' & the role was as their in-house designer. The Essex Web Designer spent the next seven years designing leaflets, brochures, booklets, manuals, vehicle livery & exhibition stands not just for Allied Mills but also for Sister companies including Allied Grain & Westmill Foods. During this time, British computer scientist Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee (to whom the Essex Web Designer & Billions of others owe an eternal debt of gratitude) invented the internet; 2D graphic design could suddenly move & what was once a brochure became a user experience on a computer screen. This in turn 'gave birth' to the Essex Web Designer.

After seven years at Allied Mills, the Essex Web Designer received a promotion to become 'Marketing Executive'. However, the position detached the Essex Web Designer from his previously creative role & after three years he decided to leave & work for himself as a freelance designer.

In 1999 the Essex Web Designer combined his graphic design skills & web design experience & became a freelancer. In 2000, the opportunity arose for the Essex Web Designer to lecture at Braintree College in Essex, where he studied & became a qualified FE Lecturer, teaching Levels 1, 2 & 3 in Graphics, Media & ICT. During this time he also developed his web design skills, studying Flash and becoming a proficient ActionScript coder, designing fully animated websites & animated ad banners for clients including Autoglass. Later, the Essex Web Designer turned his attention to SEO techniques...only to find that Flash & SEO were like oil & water...goodbye Flash, hello online marketing!

In 2005 the Essex Web Designer decided to combine his skills & experience & began designing & building websites whilst teaching others how to get the most out of their websites & online marketing. In 2013 the Essex Web Designer finally got round to creating a website (his fourth since 2005) to be an example to others of what to do & how to do it - this is that same website...I hope you find it helpful.

The Essex Web Designer